Coming Early 2022



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Mass production is fine for everyday drivers, but what you acquire with GenZcars will be Extremely exclusive. Attention to details and high Quality is our main focus, which is why, GenZcars will limit its production to 10 cars per year.
In addition to that, we will personalize every single one of our cars with something unique to make that car 1of1 for our customers.
From a standard to Hyper Version, starting from Mark I & Mark II in first quarter of 2022 followed by Mark IV (J-car) in last quarter of 2022, and HyperV launch at SEMA 2023.
All standard models will be available in Modular form for Self-Build, also available as TurnKey minus or TurnKey Package.
To get in our pre-order list for the first year, email us at

Coming Early 2021 – Our most promising GenZ40 Mark I. The demo car is being built with a 5.0 Coyote, with all time reliable power train, better handling and much more comfort. The car will be available as a Roller Kit, Turnkey Minus and TurnKey package, with various engine configuration. To learn more about Gen-Z40 Mark I, email us at

The first GT40 to ever Win Le Mans – Our demo car is an excellent replication of 1966 GT40 Mark II, Driven by Ken Miles and Denny Hulme. Our GenZ40 Mark II demo car has a Ford 306. This car is 4 inch longer than the original, with the wheelbase of 99″. If you need more information about our extended version, please email as us

One & only, All-American GT40, driven by Dan Gurney and A.J Foyt – can now be yours! This car is only available as build-to-Order package. The car will be available with various engine configuration including 427 and Coyote. To Learn more about our Mark IV, email us at

This is Longer !! This is Wider !! This is Stronger !! This is HyperV !! The most powerful GenZ40. With Whopping 750 HP, HyperV will be based on Mark I or Mark II body. Aerodynamically designed for extreme performance & Speed. HyperV is still under design phase and is likely to Launch at SEMA 2023. HyperV will be available as Build-to-Order Package only with very limited production. Email us at to Learn more about our HyperV.